Looking for September holiday ?

Looking for September holiday ?

Hey there and welcome to our new Gorbalslive blog post. We are quite excited to write down our first article about traveling and for the holidaymakers. You can check our category travel reviews for more articles like this.

So you are looking for some late summer vacation, probably looking for something exciting, something fresh and if it may be a little cheaper. We are happy to point you in the right direction – how about Bulgaria? πŸ™‚


Summer is an amazing time of the year; it gives us endless sunny days, full with joy and entertainment. It is quite a good time to take the kids on a vacation too. September sun is very good time for this family vacation – the sun is not so strong anymore, the days are not too hot and the nights are good for parting in the open. Let’s review the most common destinations in Bulgaria.

Sunny Beach

Yea, yea we know that is more of a party destination, but in September it is not so. The most of the hardcore parties are in August and September the biggest and nicest hotels are doing some amazing discounts and as we hear the summer season in Bulgaria was way worst and the prices are very very cheap. So this is you once kind of opportunity to go there and feel the magic of sunny beach. We won’t talk about the resort itself – there is a ton of info on the Internet.


Sozopol is the top destination for family holidays for almost a decade and this year is no different. This small resort south of Burgas (where the airport is) is cozy, quiet and most of all at a good price. We are planning to make an article for this amazing resort soon and its hidden gems, so stay tuned in our category – travel reviews.

Bulgaria is place of history, a place with amazing beaches, amazing sights and most of all quite cheap. Btw this destination was even cheaper back in the day, because their BGN currency was way cheaper. Before you can get 2.5 BGN for 1 Pound, now you get just 2. This is the only downside in regards of the destination. After BREXIT pound sunk to Euro, and BGN is fixed to Euro 1:2 ratio – 2 BGN = 1 Euro. But still an amazing deals this year because of the huge discounts for the weak season in Bulgaria.

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