ABC Kinder Care Centre – give a happy start to your child

ABC Kinder Care Centre – give a happy start to your child

From the moment a couple find out that they are going to have a child, their whole world changes as a wave of emotions and thoughts come into their mind. For many of us, this is the happiest moment of our lives and we are on cloud nine expecting this little bundle of joy. Of course, the first few years fly by so fast that you are soon thrown into the world of upbringing, disciplining and making important educational choices. The first day you let your child go to a schooling establishment is filled with many mixed feelings and you just hope that you have made the best choice of daycare or kindergarten.

What is ABC Kindergarten

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We always want to be the best parents and provide the most that we can for our sons and daughters. This is a natural paternal instinct. So how do you know the right preschool to send your child to? You do your research, you visit the facilities and you trust a little. Parents have different expectations and they always have their own preferences and things they are looking for when searching for the best place for their kids.

If you are an English speaker who is living in Bulgaria – then the bar is raised even higher. You are looking for a welcoming, high standard environment that speaks your language and will treat your child equally with everybody else. Based in Sofia with numerous locations, ABC Kindercare is an English – speaking preschool that offers an easy Sofia kindergarten admission and world class education, helping the future of the world be the best they can be.

Why trust this place

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With this establishment you get so much more than with ordinary daycare centers. All of the certified and experienced teachers and caregivers give their best towards making every child feel welcomed and able to unleash their potential. Being part of numerous educational programs and partnering with prestigious schools helps this team give children the highest standard of learning for their age. If your son or daughter has a special skill – they can build it up there, whether they like singing, drawing, writing or sports. Other advantages with this preschool are:

  • Tight-knit community of teachers and parents, allowing moms and dads to be a part of their child’s kindergarten experience and share ideas with each other;
  • Diverse atmosphere where everybody is welcome and treated with respect and kindness. There have been more than 500 members from around 20 nationalities from all over the world and they have all enjoyed some of the happiest moments of their childhood there;
  • No compromise with curriculums and quality of education. You can be sure that your kids will be learning everything they should be for their age. Being a member of the Council of British International Schools opens many doors and gives access to the highest standard of learning programs and materials;
  • A preschool that has made its place in the field. For the 13 years it has been open, ABC Kindercare has grown into a chain of International Educational Kindergartens that educates the future citizens of the world;
  • Special attention to each child. As well as teaching equality and acceptance of diversity, these exceptional caregivers also focus on each child’s strengths and weaknesses, helping them to build their skills and overcome what they find difficult.

If you have found yourself in Sofia and are having a hard time finding a place where you and your offspring would feel welcome and fit in, then this decision is a no – brainer. ABC Kindercare offers you the best of everything and more – all educators and caregivers there have a love and passion for children and would look after yours as if they were their own. Calling them and meeting in person would surely seal the deal and help you see that this is the right place for your little one.