Bed bug infestation – a serious or insignificant problem

Bed bug infestation – a serious or insignificant problem

If we want to live well, we need to take care of our home constantly – to keep it clean and beautiful and not to allow the presence of pests of various kinds: mice, rats, cockroaches, bedbugs… Today we will talk about the treatment methods and we will find out what would be the best solution if the problem is related to bed bugs, which are actually one of the most common insect species in the “pests” category. Professional bed bug removal London is a service that is widely used due to the high rate of infection with this type of bugs. Let’s find out more!

Bed bugs are annoying, and dangerous to health, and difficult to remove – what to do when they appear at home


Even if you do not have such a problem at the moment, you can’t be sure that it will not appear at a later stage when you least expect it. Of course, it’s always good to have a “ready-made solution” so you don’t waste time afterwards, so professional bed bug removal London is something worth considering… Bed bug control is a procedure that is in the competence of specialists, so let them take care of this issue.

Active removal of these bugs requires a comprehensive approach which is purposeful and requires a personal plan that is tailored to the specific case, such as yours. The procedure for eliminating bed bugs includes the following:

  • Discussing the problem and considering possible options for elimination. The second phase is the visit of the team of technicians, who will inspect the place and decide where to start and what strategy to follow as well;
  • The service “bed bug removal London” is entirely at the customer’s convenience because it is financially affordable and can be booked in the most appropriate and time for the client. In order to achieve 100% success, the behavior of pests is studied in advance. This is important for the good results that everyone is looking for when it comes to pest control and long-term effect;
  • The aim is to achieve a safe, healthy and favorable environment, where you and your family will feel good and enjoy comfort in every aspect. Bed bug removal in London is a top service which is very popular with customers, as the reason is clear – always good results and a guarantee for an effective treatment that has great success;
  • Bed bugs can be treated mainly in two ways – with a spray or with hot air. The second method is more environmentally friendly and is more preferable, unless it is necessary to rely on “heavy artillery” and to take it more seriously. In both methods we can talk about very good results which will become clear in the very beginning. Cost-effective results are valid for both homes and commercial premises with large areas.

How to recognize bedbugs

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They are small, they are brown, they are hidden everywhere, which makes them both difficult and easy to find. Yet, there are several ways by which to find out whether these pests have become part of the interior or not. In the first place it is good to learn some interesting facts about these little insects. When they are still small, it is difficult to notice, but when they become adults, are easy to recognize – they reach about 7 mm and are about 4 mm wide.

They hide in wooden furniture, clothes and mattresses, and when they become large in number; they begin to be very noticeable, which is a serious problem. The female bedbug lays about 10 eggs a day, which means that their population can increase very quickly. Signals that such pests are present are skin irritations, blood stains on the mattress etc.